Terms & Conditions


                                                   You must read and accept the following terms before sending us mail-in repairs.

                   We strive to provide you with the best service possible at the highest quality and most reasonable prices. To do this we need your help and cooperation.

  • There will be a deposit of $75 per device due upon the device being put into our queue for repair/recovery. This is to be put towards the final balance, and non-refundable in the event of a cancellation or “no-fix”. (Please see below for more on non-fixable/canceled repairs.)

  • Our policy is that if the repair is not fixable or you choose to cancel or not continue with the repair or recovery, we stop all work, put the device back together without it functioning, leave the battery unplugged and the board will be left separated if it's a sandwich board. Donor board will be kept by us unless paid for by the client. And any chips that are already transferred will remain on the donor board. (If you want these no-fix items back in a state of working or the original chips removed from the donor, you will need to pay for that time spent with an additional bench fee of $75.)

  • There will be a $50 charge added for all prior repair attempts. This is paid even if the device is a no-fix.

  • All donor boards needed and used will be at the expense of the customer, even in the event of a “no-fix” This is due to costs associated with these donors, inform clients accordingly. (We will let you know the costs of any donor needed.)

  • We are NOT responsible for any accessories sent with the devices for repair. Please do not send SIM cards, chargers, boxes, or cases.

  • We will update you as we receive, work on, and finish your device. Do NOT open more than one line of communication with us, keep to one, such as email, messenger, or phone calls.

  • Repairs will be paid for in full before shipping the device(s). We will send an invoice once repairs are completed.

  • If you need faster shipping than the standard FedEx GROUND, there is an option for Express, the cost for this is $25 per phone for shipping which covers both ways, and $75 for large packages such as PlayStation 5.

  • If you select Express this means the repair and shipping are being expedited. This incurs the above-explained shipping fees for expedited plus a queue jump fee of $50 per device.

  • There will be $100.00 insurance included in all standard shipments that we provide the labels for. In the event of a damaged package, you must save the box and take photos/videos for proof to submit the claim. (If you need more insurance it needs to be added to the label in advance and paid for).

  • B2B repairs mean Business to Business, which means we deal directly with you, and you deal with your customers. If you decide to have your customer, contact us directly, we will confirm our existence and that's it. Please do NOT do this.

  • If a passcode is not provided and we cannot fully test the device, the work will be done and we will test everything possible using diagnostic software when needed. If the device cannot be tested and it was not part of the initial repair or caused by us our warranty will not back this as we could not test it before or after repair without the pass code.

                                   Thank you for your patience and understanding! Let’s get these boards repaired and that data recovered!